Regulations Applying to All Districts
1145.01   Minimum lot area per family.
1145.02   Minimum floor area per family.
1145.03   Minimum yard and impervious    area requirements.
1145.04   Maximum height regulations.
1145.05   Off-street parking and loading requirements.
1145.06   Special use exceptions.
1145.07   Nonconforming  uses.
1145.08   Site plan review process.
1145.09   Access management review requirements.
1145.10   Exterior lighting standards.
1145.11   Outside storage and display.
1145.12   Landscaping and screening standards.
1145.13   Swimming pools, ponds and water gardens.
1145.14    Medical marijuana prohibited.
Nonconforming uses, retroactive measures - see Ohio R. C. 713.15
Off-street parking facilities - see Ohio R. C. 717.05 et seq.
Districts generally - see P. & Z. Ch. 1131
Mobile homes, trailers: special use permit requirements - see P. & Z. 1131.03(h)