No lighting shall produce a strong, dazzling light or a reflection thereof that shall: shine directly on adjacent properties; unnecessarily illuminate any other lot and substantially interfere with the use or enjoyment of such other lot; in any way impair safe movement of traffic on any street or highway, or otherwise constitute a light nuisance.
   (a)    Minimum Site Lighting Criteria. All exterior lighting shall enhance the safety of persons and the security of the buildings:
      (1)    All developments with less than 10 parking spaces shall only be required to provide exterior lighting at all exterior doorways.
      (2)    All developments with 10 or more parking spaces shall provide exterior lighting for all exterior doorways, pedestrian pathways and vehicular use areas.
   (b)    Plans Required. Prior to approval of zoning or building permits for commercial and industrial developments, a photometric computer printout of the lighting model approved by a professional engineer registered in the State of Ohio shall be submitted for review and approval to insure that lighting restrictions are followed and light trespass is minimized. The plan shall show the location, the height above grade, the type of illumination, the source lumens and the luminous area for each luminaire proposed.
   (c)    Lighting Fixtures.
      (1)    The maximum height of any luminaire shall not exceed the maximum building height permitted in the Zoning District. Outdoor sport facility luminaires may have a maximum height of up to eighty (80) feet.
      (2)    Lighting poles shall be set back from the property line a minimum distance of twice the luminaire mounting height on the pole and spaced a minimum distance of approximately four (4) times the luminaire mounting height apart.
      (3)    All exterior lighting used to light vehicular use areas and pedestrian pathways shall utilize I.E.S. full-cutoff type luminaires. Any lighting used to illuminate any off-street parking areas shall reflect light away from an adjoining residential property or the public way.
      (4)    Mercury-vapor and quartz lighting shall require approval by the Planning Commission.
      (5)    Uplighting shall be prohibited unless used to light buildings, trees, shrubs, or the U.S. flag where the light is directed in such a way to prevent glare or light trespass.
         (Ord. 23-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)