(a)    No building or structure hereafter erected, relocated, structurally altered or rebuilt in any district  shall exceed the heights set forth in the following schedule:
                Maximum Height Permitted
District            (In Stories)   (In Feet)
R-1 Residence            2-1/2      35
R-2 Residence            2-1/2      35
R-3 Residence
   Two-family dwelling      2-1/2      35
   Three-family dwelling   3      35
   Four-family dwelling      4      50
   Condominium         3      35
R-4 Residence            3      45
C-1 Neighborhood Commercial   2-1/2      35
C-2 Downtown Commercial      3      40
C-3 Highway Commercial      4-1/2      60
C-4 Mixed Use Business District   4-1/2      60
M-1 Industrial            4-1/2      60
M-2 Industrial      No height limit is required in M-2 District except where a building adjoins a residence district, then such building shall be set back from the boundary of the residence district a distance of one foot for each foot of height.
PBP               4      60
   (b)    Accessory buildings or structureds erected in a required rear yard shall not exceed twenty feet in height.
   (c)    The height limitations of this Zoning Code shall not apply to:
      (1)   Church spires
      (2)    Belfries
      (3)    Monuments
      (4)    Tanks
      (5)   Water towers
      (6)    Fire towers
      (7)    Stage towers or scenery lofts
      (8)    Cooling towers
      (9)    Ornamental towers and spires
      (10)    Radio and television towers, antennae or aerials
      (11)   Chimneys
      (12)    Elevator bulkheads
      (13)    Smokestacks
      (14)    Conveyors
      (15)    Flagpoles (See Section 1315.07(i))
      (16)    Public, semipublic or public service buildings, hospitals, institutions or schools, where permitted, may be erected to a height not exceeding sixty feet and places of public worship may be erected to a height not exceeding seventy-five feet when the required side and rear yards are each increased by one foot for each foot of additional building height above the height regulations herein specified for the district in which the building is located.
         (Ord. 23-05.  Passed 1-23-06; Ord. 03-08.  Passed 3-10-08.)