No raw materials, building materials, vehicles, merchandise, waste products, or other material or equipment shall be stored or displayed within the minimum yards as required by this section.
   (a)    No raw materials used as inventory or for value added retail or other processing, outdoor furniture or lawn monuments, or other non-exempt manufactured goods and  materials may be stored or displayed outside of a building on the premises. Exempt  manufactured goods and materials include: new vehicles, boats, and trailers  displayed for sale; used vehicles, boats, and trailers displayed for sale when in  conjunction with new vehicle sales on the lot; lawn and garden centers; and plant  nurseries. Vehicles, trailers, or boats for sale may be displayed in yards other than  such minimum required yards provided that they are suitably screened or fenced;  and provided that all inventory of parts, material, or damaged, dismantled, or junked  vehicles, trailers, and boats are stored inside a building on the premises. In no case  shall this storage be maintained beyond the front building line except for items  displayed for sale or rental. Items displayed for sale or rental shall be set back the  greater of 75 feet from the centerline of the adjacent roadway or 50 feet from the right-of-way line.
   (b)    Building materials or equipment intended for use in connection with construction upon the premises may be stored or placed in yards other than such minimum required yards for a period not to exceed one year only upon receipt of a permit for such outside storage from the Municipal Administrator, and if the materials or equipment are screened or fenced in such a way so that the same are not visible by  persons at the street level in any residential zoning district or the public right-of way. Provided further, that all construction debris shall be removed from any premises within 30 days after occupancy thereof. Building materials shall include but shall not be limited to lumber, bricks, concrete or cinder blocks, plumbing materials, electrical wiring or equipment, heating ducts or equipment, shingles, mortar, concrete or cement, nails, screws, or any other materials used in constructing any structure.
   (c)    Temporary, daily, or overnight storage of vehicles, trailers, or boats is permitted as a principal or accessory use on a commercial parcel behind main structures in yards other than minimum required yards, provided that outside parking lots shall be suitably screened or fenced from view of the public right-of way and adjacent residential properties.
   (d)    No inoperable vehicle shall be stored within any district for a period of more than two (2) weeks, but may be stored in an enclosed building providing no business is conducted in connection therewith while such vehicle is parked or stored.
   (e)    There shall be no accumulation of waste products, junk, trash, rubbish or refuse in required yards in any use district. This matter may be stored or placed in yards other than minimum required yards for a period which does not exceed 30 days, provided the matter shall be adequately screened from view of the public right of way and residential areas and not create a nuisance. The term "junk" shall include parts of machinery or motor vehicles, unused stoves or other appliances stored in the open, remnants of wood, metal or any other materials or other castoff materials of any kind whether or not the item could be put to any reasonable use.
      (Ord. 23-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)