TITLE THREE - Zoning Code
Chap. 1129.   General Provisions.
Chap. 1131.   Districts Genera11y.
Chap. 1132.   P-1 Parks and Green Space District.
Chap. 1133.   R-1 Residence District.
Chap. 1134.   R-1A Residence District, Large Lot.
Chap. 1135.   R-2 Residence District.
Chap. 1136.   R-3 Residence District, Multi-Family, Low Density.
Chap. 1136A.   R-4 Residence District, Multi-Family, High Density.
Chap. 1136B.   Residential Overlay District (R-3 and R-4).
Chap. 1137.    C-1 Commercial District.
Chap. 1139.    C-2 Commercial District.
Chap. 1139A.   C-3 Highway Commercial District.
Chap. 1139B.   C-4 Mixed Use Business District.
Chap. 1140.    Commercial Overlay District.
Chap. 1141.    M-1 Industrial District.
Chap. 1143.    M-2 Industrial District.
Chap. 1144.    A-1 Agriculture District.
Chap. 1144A.   MX Mixed Use District.
Chap. 1144B.   Planned Business Park District.
Chap. 1145.    Regulations Applying to all Districts.
Chap. 1146.    Site Plan Review Process.
Chap. 1146A.   Access Management Review Requirements.
Chap. 1147.    Enforcement, Permits and Penalty.
Chap. 1148.    Special Uses.
Chap. 1149.    Home Occupations.
Chap. 1150.    Sexually Oriented Businesses.
Chap. 1151.    Landscaping and Screening Standards.
Chap. 1155.    Planned Developments.
Chap. 1157.    Historic Overlay District.
Chap. 1159.    Board of Zoning and Building Appeals.