General Provisions
   70.01   Definitions
   70.02   Parking prohibited during snow emergency
   70.03   Truck parking
   70.04   Applicability of standing or parking regulations
Parking Meters
   70.15   Deposit of coin required
   70.16   Purchase and use of meter covers
   70.17   Use of slugs; overtime parking
   70.18   Tampering with parking meters
   70.19   Collection and disposition of proceeds
Handicapped Parking
   70.30   Purpose
   70.31   Statutory authorization
   70.32   Identity of violator
   70.33   Fines to be deposited in general fund
   70.34   Parking lots to comply with regulations
Fire Zones
   70.45   Definition
   70.46   Establishment of fire zones; appeal of designation
   70.47   Erection and cost of signs, markings and the like
   70.48   Parking in zone prohibited
   70.49   Removal of vehicles from zone
   70.50   Fines for parking in zone
Penalties Generally
   70.55   Penalties for violating parking regulations
   70.60   Parking violations
   70.61   Payment of bail
   70.62   Presumption created
   70.63   Parking violation appeals
   70.64   Denial of registration renewal
   70.65   Removal or immobilization of motor vehicles bearing outstanding tickets
   70.66   Records to be kept by the Traffic Authority
   70.67   Implementation of provisions
   70.68   Compliance with regulations required
   70.99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Authority of Board of Aldermen to regulate the speed of vehicles on the streets, see Charter § 3A-2(i)
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to make rules for traffic regulation, see Conn. Gen. Stat. § 7-148(c)(7)(B)