Whenever any vehicle shall be found parking in any parking meter space overtime and beyond the period of legal parking time established for such place by the Traffic Authority or shall be found parked on any public street or highway in violation of any of the provisions of any resolution, rule or regulation of the Traffic Authority, a police officer may serve upon the owner or operator of the vehicle or attach to the vehicle a parking ticket directing the owner or operator thereof to appear at the office of police headquarters within seven days. The vehicle may be removed or conveyed by or under direction of a member of the Department of Police by means of towing the same or otherwise to a public garage or open parking place in the city and the removal shall be at the risk of the owner. Before the owner or person in charge of the vehicle shall be permitted to remove the same from the custody of the Department of Police, he shall furnish evidence of his identity and ownership or right to possess and shall sign a receipt for the vehicle and shall pay to the garage keeper the fee currently established and charged for removing, towing and storage. The Clerk of the Police Department shall notify the owner of any vehicle so towed away at his last known address or otherwise of its removal. The above fees shall not apply to vehicles involved in accidents. The removing, towing and storage charges shall be a lien upon the vehicle and the payment of such shall not release the operator from any penalty imposed for a violation of the motor vehicle laws of the state or of any ordinance or traffic regulation of the city.
(1967 Code, § 11-7)  (Ord. passed 6-7-1971; Ord. passed 9-2-1975)