(A)   For the purpose of facilitating the plowing and removal of snow and ice, or to prevent the obstruction of traffic in time of snowfall or other emergency upon the public streets and highways of the city, or whenever there shall be a snowfall of five inches or more, or because of the icy condition of such public streets, or because of any other emergency existing thereon public safety requires the temporary suspension of parking regulations or the prohibition or restriction of movement of vehicles within the whole or any portion of any street or highway of the city, traffic and parking shall be prohibited or restricted within the portion or the whole of any street or highway of the city for the period of time as public necessity, convenience and safety requires, or for such period of time as the street and highway condition continues, or for such period of time as the emergency on the street and highway exists as may be designated.
   (B)   Notice of the prohibition, restriction or emergency shall be given whenever practicable, at least one hour in advance of the time the regulation becomes effective either by causing to be placed suitable signs indicating that parking is prohibited or by closing off streets, or by publishing in a newspaper published daily in the city, or by broadcast through all the radio stations located in the city.
   (C)   Any snowfall of five inches or more shall, in itself, be deemed sufficient notice that any parking will obstruct traffic or the removal of snow upon a public street or highway and is prohibited.
(1967 Code, § 11-6)