(A)   In order to adopt regulations concerning fire hazards as provided for in Charter § 3A-2(g), it is hereby made the duty of the Fire Marshal and his agents to inquire into and investigate the parking of motor vehicles of all kinds in private driveways and alleyways and other open spaces in close proximity to buildings where parking endangers the safety and welfare of persons in and about the areas and which in any way constitutes a fire hazard within the meaning and intent of the language of the Charter sections and to designate parking in such areas a fire hazard and have the areas posted as a fire zone.
   (B)   The Fire Marshal shall establish the fire zone by written order and shall file one copy with the City Clerk, one copy with the Board of Police Commissioners and one copy shall be sent by certified mail to the owner or owners, or agents thereof, of any private land on which the fire zone is established.
(1967 Code, § 7-59)
   (C)   Any private property owner aggrieved by the designation of a fire zone on his property may file with the City Clerk, within 30 days after he received notice of the Fire Marshal's order, written notice of appeal, setting forth therein reasons of aggrievement. After hearing, the Board of Police Commissioners may affirm, modify or rescind the order.
(1967 Code, § 7-60)
(Ord. passed 10-4-1973)