General Provisions
   97.001   Obstructions
   97.002   Signs and awnings over sidewalks
   97.003   Dangerous structures or trees
   97.004   Goods, wares and merchandise on sidewalks
   97.005   Digging and removing earth from streets
   97.006   Damaging streets and sidewalks
   97.007   Playing games on streets
   97.008   Congregating on street
   97.009   Throwing missiles
   97.020   Permit required
   97.021   Permit fees; length of permit
   97.022   Copies of permit to be forwarded; stop work upon noncompliance
   97.023   Surety bond
   97.024   Effect of approval of permit
   97.025   Forms and instructions; keeping bonds current
   97.026   Private service connections; improvements
   97.027   Obstructions and barriers; warning lights
   97.028   Enclosures required
   97.029   Excavations on private property; barriers
   97.030   Removal of materials on streets
   97.031   Vaults, gratings or doors on sidewalks; owner's liability
   97.032   Assessment of penalties for noncompliance
   97.033   Exemptions
   97.034   Removal and replacement of sidewalks, driveways and curb ramps
Poles and Wires
   97.045   Consent and approval required to erect poles
   97.046   Operation and control of telegraph, telephone or electric light lines; conditions
   97.047   Defacing poles
   97.048   Rights reserved to city
Street Trees
   97.060   Definition
   97.061   Street trees permitted to be planted
   97.062   Spacing according to species size classes
   97.063   Permitted distances
   97.064   Utilities
   97.065   Public tree care
   97.066   Tree topping
   97.067   Pruning; corner clearance
   97.068   Dead or diseased tree removal on private property
   97.069   Removal of stumps
   97.070   Arborist license and bond
   97.071   City Tree and Landscape Board
   97.072   Interference with City Tree and Landscape Board
   97.073   Approved shrubs for landscaping list
   97.074   Invasive plant species
House Numbering
   97.085   Base streets; exceptions
   97.086   Directions of base streets
   97.087   House numbers
   97.999   Penalty