(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to cut, dig or excavate in any part of any street or alley right-of-way within the city, except for the purpose of making installations therein under contract with the city, without first filing with the City Engineer's office a written application for a permit to make such a cut or excavation at least three days in advance of the time of beginning the work to be under that permit, except, that when an emergency exists, the applicant may secure a permit in less than a three-day period by stating in his application the exact emergency.  All permit applications shall be submitted to and be approved by the City Engineer prior to being filed with the Clerk-Treasurer.  The application shall particularly describe the exact location, kind, dimension by feet and inches, type of road surface to be cut or excavated, nature of the opening to be made and the exact purpose of the work. 
('71 Code, § 100.01A.)
   (B)   Any and all work performed within the street right-of-way in connection with those excavations, such as forcing pipe under pavement, trenches between the curb and sidewalk. or trenches outside the paved macadam, oiled, or stoned surfaces of a street or alley are covered by this subchapter and shall require a permit. 
('71 Code, § 100.01C.)
(Ord. 28-88, passed 9-12-88)