(A)   Duty of owners to make private service connections.  Before the roadway of any street is permanently improved by paving, it shall be the duty of the owners of the real estate or property abutting thereon to make private connections with sewer, gas, water and other like pipes and public conveniences and to bring these connections inside of the curbline of the street within 20 days after the adoption of the final ordering the improvement of that street. 
('71 Code, § 100.06)
   (B)   Notice to make service connections at expense of owner.  Whenever the Board of Public Works and Safety shall adopt a preliminary resolution for the permanent improvement of the roadway of any street in the city, it shall, in the resolution, declare its intention of making, at the owner's expense, all those connections and of bringing the same inside the curbline of the street where the same has already been done by the abutting property owners.  Notice of that intention shall also be made a part of the notice to be given concerning the improvement of the street as required by law.
('71 Code, § 100.07)
   (C)   Making service connections; costs.
      (1)   Should any abutting owner fail to make a connection within the time limited in the preceding divisions section, the Board of Public Works and Safety shall proceed to authorize the proper city officials to do so at the owner's expense, and the Board shall have the right to designate the official who shall perform the work of making those connections.  The Board shall also have authority, in the event it sees fit, to cause the work of making the connections to be done by any competent contractor.  The Board may also, in the final resolution for the improvement of any street, order the connections as shall not have been made by the abutting property owners within the time limited aforesaid to be made by the contractor to whom is awarded the contract for the improvement of that street, in which even, the bidder shall state the amount at which he is willing to make the connections, basing the same either on the frontage of the lot when those connections are to be made or otherwise, as may be ordered by the Board.
      (2)   The cost of making connections, whether made by a city official designated by the Board or by contract, shall be a lien on the property of the abutting owner and shall be included and constitute a part of the assessment for the improvement of such street, collectable in the same manner as expenses and assessments for other street and sewer improvements.
('71 Code, § 100.08)
   (D)   Extent of service connections.  There shall be made a separate sewer, gas and water connection, the same brought inside the curbline of the street as hereinbefore set out in this section, for each platted lot abutting on the street and for each fraction of a lot, if the lot is divided and the ownership of lot is in different parties, and there shall also be a separate sewer, gas and water connection for each 50 feet of unplatted territory or property abutting on that street.
('71 Code, § 100.09)
   (E)   All work of making connections and bringing the same within the curbline as above provided, whether done by the owner, or by the Board of Public Works and Safety, or by contract, shall be done under a permit as required by law or by this code and any other applicable ordinances of the city and subject to the approval of the City Engineer. 
('71 Code, § 100.10)