(A)   The city will have the right to plant, prune, maintain and remove trees, plants and shrubs within the lines of all streets, alleys, avenues, lanes, squares and public grounds, as may be necessary to ensure public safety or to preserve or enhance the symmetry and beauty of those public grounds.
   (B)   The City Tree and Landscape Board may remove or cause or order to be removed, any tree or part thereof which is in an unsafe condition or which by reason of its nature is injurious to sewers, electric power lines, gas lines, water lines or other public improvements, or is affected with any injurious fungus, insect or other pest.  This section does not prohibit the planting of street trees by adjacent property owners providing that the selection and location of said trees is in accordance with §§ 97.061 through 97.064.
('71 Code, § 101.12)  (Ord. 32-1986, passed 10-14-86)  Penalty, see § 97.999
   Dangerous trees, see § 97.003