§ 97.023  SURETY BOND.
   As a part of the written application, the applicant shall have on file in the office of the City Clerk-Treasurer an approved undertaking and surety bond in the amount of a minimum of $2,000 wherein the applicant agrees to do the following:
   (A)   (1)   Properly backfill the dig, cut or excavation within three days after the installation is completed, and maintain the road surface which has been disturbed in a smooth and uniform condition for a period of two years after traffic is again permitted to pass over the filled trench or maintain the area cut outside the pavement surface but within the right-of-way to a condition similar to the immediate surrounding area for a period of one year, this maintenance to meet the approval of the City Engineer.
      (2)   Failure to backfill properly or maintain surface during the maintenance period shall be sufficient cause without citation for city forces to perform the neglected work and charge the permittee the reasonable cost thereof.
   (B)   Erect and maintain all necessary barricades, detour signs, warning signals and lights by night (in conformance with the “Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” latest edition) required to direct traffic safely over or around the place where such work is being done, so long as the work in any way interferes with traffic.
   (C)   Take all responsibility for any injury or damage resulting to persons or property because of that work.
   (D)   Conspicuously display at the site of the street opening the name and address of the person to whom the permit has been issued so long as the hole is open or barricades are in place.
   (E)   Give notice to the City Engineer prior to every day that excavations are being opened in those rights-of-way.
   (F)   In the event the cut, dig or excavation for which a permit is granted is in excess of 100 feet, the security bond required hereunder shall be an amount equal to $5 per square foot.
('71 Code, § 100.02)  (Ord. 28-88, passed 9-12-88)