All persons owning, controlling or operating telegraph, telephone or electric light lines, and the agents, servants and employees of any of these persons, in using the streets, highways and alleys shall be governed by and conform to the following regulations, provisions and conditions:
   (A)   All poles shall be set not less than four feet in the ground, and those poles shall be on sufficient height so that the lowest wire shall not be suspended along or across the streets less than 25 feet from the surface of the ground.
   (B)   All poles shall be straight, and shall be made of either cedar, cypress or pine, and shall be dressed and painted black for the height of ten feet from the surface of the street.
   (C)   All poles shall be set close to the curb or edge of the sidewalk next to the gutter on streets and highways and in alleys at the edge of the alleys, and shall be erected, kept and maintained in a manner as not to interfere with travel or endanger life or property or obstruct the flow of water in gutters or sewers.
   (D)   All wires shall be erected, kept and maintained taut, and shall in no case be attached to any building in lieu of a pole, except at terminals of lines, or to any tree; and all wires shall be securely insulated with glass, porcelain or gutta percha.
   (E)   All poles, wires, towers and appliances shall be kept and maintained in good order, repair and condition.
('71 Code, § 100.42)  Penalty, see § 97.999