Solid Waste Collection; Weeds
953.01   Definitions.
953.02   Powers and duties of the Director of Public Works.
953.03   Collection by contractor or City forces.
953.04   Trash and garbage container specifications.
953.05   Refuse, garbage and weeds upon private property; notice; lien. (Repealed)
953.06   Preparation of garbage.
953.07   Storage of refuse in containers required.
953.08   Collection of refuse from premises not equipped with containers.
953.09   Unsightly, unsanitary or hazardous accumulation of refuse.
953.10   Delivery upon private property; maintaining dump grounds.
953.11   Throwing or scattering garbage; permitting premises to become unsanitary.
953.12   Unlawful disposal of trash.
953.13   Burning trash.
953.14   Special hauls from domestic and business establishments.
953.15   Unlawful use of City containers.
953.16   Location of refuse storage containers, yard waste containers and recycling containers.
953.17   Set-out time for refuse, yard waste and recycling containers.
953.18   Collection of recyclable materials.
953.19   Set-out time and collection of bulky waste.
953.20   Order of primary responsibility for compliance.
953.21   Enforcement of garbage and refuse ordinances.
953.22   Enforcement authority.
953.23   Nonpayment of fees.
953.99   Penalty.
Authority to regulate - see W.Va. Code 8-12-5(3), (10) et seq.
Unified City services fee and collection - see S.U. & P.S. Art. 954