Art. 501. Administration and Law Enforcement.
Art. 504. Municipal Court Offenses.
Art. 505. Animals and Fowl Generally.
Art. 507. Dogs.
Art. 509. Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance.
Art. 510. Noise.
Art. 511. Traffic Diversion, Parades, Road Races and Assemblages.
Art. 513. Gambling.
Art. 515. Drug Abuse Control.
Art. 517. Indecency and Obscenity.
Art. 519. Disposal of Abandoned Motor Vehicles, Junked Motor Vehicles, and Abandoned or Inoperative Household Appliances.
Art. 521. Liquor Control.
Art. 523. Tobacco Usage Restrictions.
Art. 525. Minors.
Art. 529. Offenses Relating to Persons.
Art. 531. Offenses Relating to Property.
Art. 533. Railroads.
Art. 537. Safety and Sanitation.
Art. 545. Weapons.
Art. 546. Problem Alarms.