General requirements. The maximum height and minimum lot requirements within the RE6 form shall be as follows and core and transition areas shall be determined by the PUD initial development plan:
Required Front Yard:
0 feet minimum. Setbacks must be consistent with existing area building footprints. All buildings shall be oriented to street with the exception that existing buildings shall be allowed to maintain the existing building orientation. (See PUD standards in § 160.447.)
Required Rear Yard:
0 feet.
Maximum Height:
Maximum Size:
Unlimited, but must articulate and break up façade as required.
Required Buffer Yard:
Defined by the PUD initial development plan—see standards in the following sections: § 160.450, § 160.449, § 160.444 (Submittal Elements), § 160.443 (Submittal Process).
* See § 160.488 for more buffer yard standards.
See §§ 160.505 et seq. (Additional Yard Regulations) for more information.
Minimum distance between multiple principal buildings on the same lot: 0 feet.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)