Construction and Repair of Sidewalks
   93.01   Declaration to construct sidewalk
   93.02   Serving of notices
   93.03   City to perform sidewalk construction upon owner’s failure to proceed
   93.04   Grade of walks
   93.05   Permit to build new or repair walks
   93.06   Construction of curbs
   93.07   Property owner to fill between curb and walk
   93.08   Property owner to repair sidewalk; notice to owners about unsafe conditions
   93.09   City may make repairs upon property owner’s failure
   93.10   Definitions
Method and Procedure; Instituting and Making Improvements
   93.25   Definitions
   93.26   Declaration of intention; report from City Engineer; recommendations
   93.27   Council consideration of engineer’s report
   93.28   Notice of hearing on Council-approved engineer’s report
   93.29   Hearing
   93.30   Manner of doing work; contracts, bids, bonds
   93.31   Special hearing when low bid substantially exceeds engineer’s estimate
   93.32   Assessment ordinance
   93.33   Method of assessment and alternative methods of financing
   93.34   Appeal
   93.35   Lien recording; interest; foreclosure
   93.36   Notice of assessment; bonding
   93.37   Errors in assessment calculations
   93.38   Deficit assessment
   93.39   Rebate
   93.40   Abandonment of proceedings
   93.41   Curative provisions
   93.42   Reassessment
   93.43   Notice of completion of improvement; hearing
Public Rights-Of-Way
   93.55   Public rights-of-way
Road Approach Standards
   93.65   Purpose
   93.66   Definitions
   93.67   When a permit is required
   93.68   Application for permit
   93.69   Approval of permit
   93.70   Special use road approaches
   93.71   Standards
   93.72   Modifications from standards
   93.73   Enforcement
   93.99   Penalty