§ 93.34  APPEAL.
   Any person feeling aggrieved by assessments made as herein provided may, within 20 days from the passage of the ordinance levying the assessments by the Council, appeal therefrom to the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Tillamook County. The appeal and the requirements and formalities thereof shall be heard, governed and determined and the judgment thereon rendered and enforced so far as is practical in the manner provided for appeals from reassessments contained in O.R.S. 34.010 through O.R.S. 34.100 as now or hereafter amended. The result of the appeal shall be a final and conclusive determination of the matter of the assessment, except with respect to the city's right of reassessment as provided herein.
(Prior Code, Ord. 56, passed 1-20-1959)