Within 10 days after the ordinance levying assessment has been passed, the City Recorder shall send to each owner of property assessed for the improvement to be made, a notice of the assessment levied against the particular owner's property. The notices to each owner shall be sent by certified mail with a return receipt requested to each owner's last known address as shown by the public records of the assessor of Tillamook County, Oregon. These notices shall state the time within which the assessments must be paid or bonded and that assessments which are not paid or bonded within the time stated in the notice shall bear interest at a rate the City Council deems reasonable and prudent but not to exceed the rate of interest provided by O.R.S. 288.515 to 288.550 as it presently provides or as it may hereafter provide, and that the property so assessed is subject to foreclosure if the assessments are not paid or bonded within the time stated in the notice, and the date established for hearing objections to the assessments. The record owner, or other owner as herein defined, may make application to bond the assessment pursuant to the provisions of O.R.S. 223.300 through O.R.S. 223.295, which is known as the Bancroft Bonding Act, together with amendments or future amendments thereof. The City Council shall fix a date for a public hearing to provide opportunity whereby persons’ objections to their assessments may be heard.
(Prior Code, Ord. 56, passed 1-20-1959; Am. Ord. 151, passed 8-22,-1978; Am. Ord. 170, passed 10-11-1979; Am. Ord. 202, passed 4-28-1981)