For purposes of this subchapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLICANT. Any person proposing to construct or modify a road approach.
   COMMERCIAL. Use for commercial, industrial, agricultural, logging or multifamily residential activities.
   COUNCIL.  The Mayor of the city and City Council members.
   DEPARTMENT. The Rockaway Beach Public Works Department.
   DRIVEWAY. A designated area on a parcel of property where automobiles and other vehicles are operated or allowed to stand.
   PERSON. An individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, syndicate, or any legal entity, including a trustee, receiver, assignee, or other similar representative thereof.
   PRIVATE ROAD or STREET. A private way to provide vehicular access to 1 or more parcels of land.
   PUBLIC STREET.  A public road, as defined in O.R.S. 368.001(5) and 368.001(6).
   RIGHT-OF-WAY. A legally described portion or strip of land, either public or private, which is condemned, reserved, or dedicated for roads. Including, but are not limited to, streets, roads, highways, bridges, alleys, sidewalks, trials, paths, public easements and all other public ways or area, including subsurface and air space over these areas as per § 93.55.
   ROAD. The entire width between the boundary lines of a right-of-way or an easement, intended for traffic and/or the placement of utilities. ROAD includes street, highway, lane, alley, place, way, avenue or any other similar designations. ROAD does not include a driveway providing access within a single parcel.
   ROAD APPROACH. An area of construction or improvement between the roadway and the road right-of-way line.
   ROAD IMPROVEMENT ORDINANCE.  City ordinance dealing with provisions for the improvement or construction of roads in public right-of-ways. This ordinance is administered by the Rockaway Beach Public Works Department.
   ROADWAY. The portion or portions of a street right-of-way or easement which is developed for vehicular traffic.
   SIDEWALK. A pedestrian walkway with surfacing suitable for pedestrian traffic.
   SUPERVISOR.  The City of Rockaway Beach Supervisor of Public Works, or a designee thereof.
   TEMPORARY ROAD APPROACH.  A road approach that will be utilized only for a pre-designated time frame of less than 12 months. After completion of use, the approach is removed and returned to the original conditions (prior to approach construction).
(Ord. 09-408, passed 10-14-2009)