After the ordinance levying assessments has been passed, the City Recorder shall enter in the docket of city liens a statement of the respective amounts assessed upon each particular lot, tract or parcel of land with the names of the record owner thereof, and so far as is readily known the names of the owners thereof, as defined herein. Upon the entry in the lien docket, the amount so entered shall be a lien and charged upon the respective lots, tracts and parcels of land against which the same are placed. The liens shall be first and prior to all other liens or encumbrances thereon whatsoever insofar as the laws of the State of Oregon allow. The rate of interest charged shall be set and fixed by the City Council at a rate it deems reasonable and prudent but not to exceed the rate of interest provided by O.R.S. 288.515 to 288.550 as it presently provides or as the section may hereafter provide until paid on all amounts not paid within 30 days from the date of the entry or entry corrected pursuant to § 93.37. The city may proceed to foreclose or enforce any lien to which it shall be entitled pursuant to the provisions of this subchapter at any time after 30 days from the date on which the assessment, or assessment corrected pursuant to § 93.37, was entered in the lien docket, in the manner provided for the foreclosure or enforcement of liens by the general laws of the State of Oregon; and, in event a suit is brought to foreclose any lien the city shall be entitled to recover from the defendant, in addition to the lien, attorney's fees to be determined by the court.
(Prior Code, Ord. 56, passed 1-20-1959; Am. Ord. 170, passed 10-11-1979; Am. Ord. 202, passed 4-28-1981)