General Provisions
   114.001   Definitions
Taxicab Licenses; Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
   114.015   License required
   114.016   Certificate of public convenience and necessity required
   114.017   Application for certificate
   114.018   Determination and investigation; factors to consider
   114.019   Powers and duties of Council in regard to issuance of certificates
   114.020   Certificates as franchises; term; renewal
   114.021   Failure to begin operations
   114.022   Transfer of certificate
   114.023   Substitution of vehicles
   114.024   Revocation of certificate; procedure
   114.025   Rights of persons engaged in business of operating or authorized to operate a taxicab
Taxicab Driver’s Permit
   114.040   Permit required
   114.041   Application
   114.042   Fingerprints and photographs
   114.043   Investigation and report
   114.044   Issuance
   114.045   Renewal; fees
   114.046   Revocation
   114.047   Display of permit
Standards of Operation
   114.060   Application of provisions
   114.061   Passengers
   114.062   Duty of driver to attend vehicle
   114.063   Drivers’ records of calls
   114.064   Accident reports
   114.065   Bond or insurance policy required
   114.066   Parking on city streets
Vehicle Requirements
   114.080   Periodic inspection
   114.081   Removal from service pending correction of defects
   114.082   Model year of vehicle
   114.083   Size, type; taximeter
   114.084   Condition; repair of taxicab
   114.085   Colors of taxicabs
   114.086   Signs
Rates and Charges
   114.100   Posting and displaying in taxicabs
   114.101   Failure to pay for taxi service
   114.999   Penalty