4-1-1: License
4-1-2: Application and Bond
4-1-3: Change of Firm or Location
4-1-4: Co-Partners
4-1-5: Forfeiture
4-1-6: Liability of Sewer Builders
4-1-7: Permits
4-1-8: Rules and Regulations
4-1-9: Applications for Permits
4-1-10: Drain Permits
4-1-11: Notice
4-1-12: Extensions
4-1-13: No work to be Done Without Permit
4-1-14: None but Licensed Drain Layers or Sewer Builders to do Work
4-1-15: Drain Layer's Certificate
4-1-16: Direct Sewer Connection
4-1-17: Private Manholes
4-1-18: Privy Vaults
4-1-19: Sewer Pipe Trap not to be at Foot of Ventilating Shaft
4-1-20: Connections Where no Junction Piece
4-1-21: Deviation from Standard Grade
4-1-22: Exhaust or Blow-off Pipes
4-1-23: Drains and Private Sewers in Street
4-1-24: Errors and Mistakes of Employees
4-1-25: Extra Junctions; Charge for Setting
4-1-26: Specifications
4-1-27: Protecting Gas and Water Mains During Excavation
4-1-28: No Private Drain or Sewer to be Disturbed
4-1-29: Grade
4-1-30: Ends of Drain to be Securely Closed
4-1-31: Laying Pipes
4-1-32: Back Filling
4-1-33: Not to Use Water From Fire Hydrants; Drain Layers
4-1-34: Openings in Sidewalks and Roadways; to be Protected
4-1-35: Mortar
4-1-36: Pipes
4-1-37: House Drains
4-1-38: Drains to Conform to Specifications
4-1-39: Drains; How Laid
4-1-40: Work to Progress Continuously; Sufficient Men
4-1-41: Filling Trenches
4-1-42: Water From Fire Hydrants; Contractors
4-1-43: Laying Pipe
4-1-44: Streets Where Railways Operated
4-1-45: Liability of Contractor
4-1-46: No Payment Until Inspector Certifies Work, Properly Executed
4-1-47: Discharge from Steam Boilers
4-1-48: Sewers and Drains; When Must Have Water Connection
4-1-49: Catch Basin; Fee
4-1-50: Garbage
4-1-51: Cleaning Gutters
4-1-52: Policemen to Report Violations
4-1-53: No Connection to be Made Without Permit
4-1-54: Uncovering Catch-basins
4-1-55: Altering Drains, Catch-basins, etc.
4-1-56: Protecting Public Sewers
4-1-57: Users of Private Sewers; Direction Department of Public Works
4-1-58: Destroying or Injuring Sewers, Drains, etc.
4-1-59: Location; Construction of Private Sewers or Drains
4-1-60: Fees for Permits
4-1-61: Suspending License