Division 1: Generally
   13.11   Authority to remove vehicles left standing more than 72 hours
   13.12   Parking between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. on certain designated streets; generally
   13.12-1   Council may by resolution designate additional streets or withdraw streets from restriction
   13.12-2   Vehicular traffic restricted in designated city parks
   13.13   Twenty-four hour parking
   13.13-1   Seventy-two hour parking limit at marina parking lot
   13.14   Parking for repairs
   13.15   Parking in alleys generally
   13.16   Stopping in specified alleys; authority of Council
   13.17   Obstructing driveways and the like
   13.18   Parking near intersections
   13.19   Angle parking on public streets
   13.20   Taxicab stands and spaces for official cars
   13.20-1   Authority of City Council to prohibit parking on certain streets
   13.20-2   Valet parking zones
   13.20-3   Parking for display of vehicles for sale
Division 2: Regulating Parking by Use of Different Colors
   13.21   Colors to be used and their meanings
   13.22   Time applicable; red zones
   13.23   Yellow zones
   13.24   White zones
   13.25   Green zones
   13.26   Changing regulations generally
   13.27   Changing white zone regulations
Division 3: Parking Time Limit Zones
   13.28   Definitions
   13.29   Parking time limit zones
   13.30   Change of zones
   13.31   Reserved
   13.32   Reserved
   13.33   Reserved
   13.34   Reserved
   13.35   Reserved
   13.36   Defacing or tampering with meters
   13.37   Reserved
   13.38   Signs and markings required on certain parking lots
   13.39   Speed limit in parking lots
   13.40   Reserved
   13.41   Reserved
   13.42   Reserved
   13.43   Exemption of jurors and witnesses from certain provisions
   13.44   Reserved
   13.45   Traffic Bureau generally
   13.46   Reserved
   13.47   Reserved
   13.48   Reserved
   13.49   Reserved
   13.50   Reserved
   13.51   Reserved
   13.52   Reserved
Division 4: Shopping Center Parking Lots
   13.52(a)   Shopping center defined
   13.52(b)   Unlawful acts
   13.52(c)   Exceptions
   13.52(d)   Penalty
   13.52(e)   Signing
Division 5: Parking Fines
   13.52(f)   Amount to be established by resolution