General Provisions
   130.001   Indecent exposure
   130.002   Bawdy house
   130.003   Betting
   130.004   Sending obscene messages
   130.005   Fortunetelling
   130.006   Vagrancy
   130.007   Loitering, obstructing and the like; streets, public places and the like
Offenses Against the Peace
   130.020   Pointing pistol or gun at any person
   130.021   Discharge of firearms
   130.022   Weapons; carrying concealed; forfeiture
   130.023   Carrying weapons
   130.024   Disorderly conduct
   130.025   Escape
   130.026   Disturbing school
   130.027   Interfering with worship
   130.028   Engaging, aiding or participating in riot
   130.029   State of emergency; curfew authorized
   130.030   [Reserved]
   130.031   Careless operation of motor vehicles
   130.032   Resisting officer making arrest
   130.033   Noise; unreasonably loud, disturbing and the like
   130.034   Controlled substances
Offenses Against Property
   130.045   Petit larceny
   130.046   Public parks; driving, damaging and the like
   130.047   Damaging property
   130.048   Failure to leave premise when ordered
   130.049   Removing, destroying; leaving down fences
   130.050   Receiving stolen goods
   130.051   Obtaining signature or property by false pretenses
   130.052   Obtaining property under false tokens or letters
   130.053   Obtaining credit or property with expired, false credit card
   130.054   Securing property by fraudulent impersonation of officer
   130.055   Trespass
   130.056   Altering or removing landmarks
   130.057   Fraudulent checks, drafts or other written orders
Offenses Against Public Justice
   130.070   Disrupting Court or Council
Offenses Against Persons
   130.080   Assault and battery
   130.081   Child and helpless person neglect
   130.082   Failing to remove doors from abandoned refrigerators
   130.083   Leaving abandoned wells open
Security Alarms
   130.095   Alarm systems with monitor at Town Hall
   130.999   Penalty