12.16.093   Filing assessment list.
   (a)   After the formation of the underground utility district but before the accomplishment of the underground service connection construction, the council shall determine the properties the affected owners of which have exercised the option to pay the cost over a period of ten years and shall direct that the base cost and incidental expense shall be paid by the city subject to payment of the special assessment in the manner hereinafter set forth.
   (b)   A complete assessment roll or list of the affected properties subject to the payments over a period of ten years, identifying them and setting forth the respective amounts of the proposed special assessments, shall be prepared by the director of utilities, or his designee, and filed in the offices of the city clerk and the director of utilities and published and filed in the office of the county of Santa Clara assessor.
(Ord. 4908 § 9, 2006: Ord. 2611 § 10, 1971: Ord. 2527 § 3, 1969)