16.04   California Building Code
   16.05   California Mechanical Code
   16.06   California Residential Code
   16.08   California Plumbing Code
   16.09   Sewer Use Ordinance
   16.10   Private Sewage Disposal Systems
   16.11   Stormwater Pollution Prevention
   16.12   Recycled Water
   16.14   California Green Building Standards Code
   16.16   California Electrical Code
   16.17   California Energy Code
   16.18   International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
   16.20   Signs
   16.24   Fences
   16.28   Excavations, Grading and Fills
   16.32   Moving and Relocating Buildings
   16.36   House Numbering
   16.38   Certificate of Use and Occupancy for Community Housing
   16.40   Unsafe Buildings
   16.42   Seismic Hazards Identification Program
   16.44   Fallout Shelters
   16.45   Transportation Impact Fee for New Nonresidential Development in the Stanford Research Park/El Camino Real CS Zone
   16.46   Approval of Projects with Impacts on Traffic in the San Antonio/West Bayshore Area
   16.47   Reserved
   16.48   Reserved
   16.49   Historic Preservation
   16.50   Reserved
   16.52   Flood Hazard Regulations
   16.56   Handicapped Access Regulations - Appeal
   16.57   In-Lieu Parking Fee for New Nonresidential Development in the Commercial Downtown (CD) Zoning District
   16.58   Development Impact Fees
   16.59   Citywide Transportation Impact Fee
   16.60   Charleston Arastradero Corridor Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Impact Fee
   16.61   Public Art for Private Developments
   16.62   Expired Permits for Residential Construction and Demolition
   16.63   Small Residential Rooftop Solar Energy Systems
   16.64   Development Fee and In-lieu Payment Administration
   16.65   Citywide Affordable Housing Requirements