12.16.091   Financing service connection conversions.
   (a)   Whenever the conversion to underground locations of poles, overhead lines and associated overhead structures used in supplying electric, communication or similar associated service is, under established policies and procedures of the city to be financed entirely by the city within the area of the public rights-of-way within any proposed underground utility district, the cost of conversion to an underground location of the individual service connections on private property (hereinafter referred to as "service connection") may be accomplished in the manner hereinafter set forth in Sections 12.16.092 to 12.16.097, inclusive.
   (b)   Each affected residential or nonresidential property owner who elects to finance the cost of his service connection shall execute a loan agreement, which may be recorded, and any other document to secure his obligation to pay the city in accordance with this chapter. The affected owner shall prove to the city he holds legal title to the affected real property.
(Ord. 4908 § 7, 2006: Ord. 2527 § 1, 1969)