12.16.040   Council may designate additional underground utility districts.
   (a)   The city council may from time to time call public hearings to ascertain whether the public necessity, health or safety requires the removal of poles and overhead lines and associated overhead structures from some designated area of the city. The city clerk shall publish a notice of the public hearing and the director of utilities shall notify all affected property owners as shown on the last equalized assessment roll and affected utilities by mail of the time and place of such hearings at least thirty days prior to the date thereof.
   (b)   If, after any such public hearing, the council finds that the public necessity, health and safety require such removal the council shall, by ordinance amending Section 12.16.020 of this chapter, declare such area an underground utility district. Such ordinance shall include a description of the area comprising such district and shall fix the time within which such poles and overhead lines and associated overhead structures shall be removed and within which affected property owners must be ready to receive underground service. The council shall allow a reasonable time for such removal having due regard for the availability of necessary labor, materials and equipment for such removal and for the installation of such underground facilities as may be occasioned thereby.
(Ord. 3709 § 7, 1986: Ord. 2452, 1968: Ord. 2231 (part), 1965: prior code § 37.204)