4.04   General Provisions
   4.10   Licenses Obtained by Application to Chief of Police
   4.18   License Obtained by Application to Poundmaster
   4.30   Soliciting Funds
   4.32   Soliciting Information for Commercial Purposes
   4.34   Closing Out Sales
   4.38   Reserved
   4.39   Private Intrusion and Fire Alarms
   4.42   Taxicabs and Other For-Hire Vehicles
   4.46   Reserved
   4.48   Reserved
   4.51   Bingo Games
   4.52   Billiard Rooms, Cardrooms and Bowling Alleys
   4.54   Massage Establishments
   4.55   Adult Entertainment Establishments
   4.56   Hot Tub/Sauna Establishments
   4.57   Firearms Dealers
   4.58   Narcotics Paraphernalia Sale and Display
   4.59   Pet Shops
   4.60   Business Registration Program
   4.62   Citywide Minimum Wage
   4.64   Permits for Retailers of Tobacco Products
   *   For drive-in restaurants - See Chapter 5.10 of this code. For state law as to authority of cities to license for revenue and regulation purposes - See Gov. C. A. § 37101. As to authority of a city to license in exercise of police power and for purposes of regulation - See Business and Professions Code, § 16000. As to licensing by cities generally - See Business and Professions Code, §§ 16000 to 16003.