12.16.092   Notice of intention.
   (a)   At the time of the call of the public hearing on the formation of such an underground utility district, as required by Section 12.16.040, the council may authorize the city clerk, aided by the director of utilities, or his designee, to include in the notice of hearing to be mailed to all affected property owners, pursuant to Section 12.16.040, a statement to the effect that any affected owner has the option of paying the cost of converting his service connection to an underground location over a period of ten years with interest to be determined as provided by Section 12.16.096. The notice shall include the information set forth in Section 12.16.091(b).
   (b)   The notice shall be accompanied by an appropriate form by which the payment option specified in Section 12.16.096 may be exercised. The notice shall also set forth:
   (1)   The estimated cost of accomplishing the underground service connection construction, as determined by the director of utilities, or his designee, herein called the "base cost";
   (2)   An additional fixed amount per parcel, also to be determined by the director of utilities, or his designee, representing the cost of making the estimate, establishing the lien and other incidental administrative, legal and engineering expense involved in the proceedings, herein called the "incidental expense";
   (3)   The total amount of subdivision (1) plus subdivision (2), herein called the "special assessment"; and
   (4)   The fact that the city, upon exercise of the payment option and the accomplishment of the underground service connection construction as required by Section 12.16.090, will pay the base cost and incidental expense to the affected owner who accomplishes the underground service connection construction, subject to the payment of the amount of the special assessment as hereinafter provided.
(Ord. 4908 § 8, 2006: Ord. 2611 § 9, 1971: Ord. 2527 § 2, 1969)