Chapter 12.16
   12.16.010   Underground installation required for new construction.
   12.16.020   Underground utility districts established.
   12.16.030   Poles, overhead lines and associated overhead structures prohibited in underground districts.
   12.16.040   Council may designate additional underground utility districts.
   12.16.050   Exceptions.
   12.16.060   Special exceptions granted by city council.
   12.16.070   Time extensions.
   12.16.080   Notification to affected property owners and utilities.
   12.16.090   Responsibility of property owner.
   12.16.091   Financing service connection conversions.
   12.16.092   Notice of intention.
   12.16.093   Filing assessment list.
   12.16.094   Payment of base cost - Establishment of special assessment lien.
   12.16.095   Notice - Lien.
   12.16.096   Collection and payment.
   12.16.097   Funding of unpaid assessments.
   12.16.100   Action on noncompliance.
   12.16.110   Cost of removal a lien.