12.16.050   Exceptions.
   (a)   The provisions of this Chapter 12.16 shall not apply to the following types of facilities:
   (1)   Poles used exclusively for police and fire alarm boxes, traffic control facilities, or any similar municipal-owned equipment installed under the supervision and to the satisfaction of the director of utilities, or designee;
   (2)   Poles used exclusively for street lighting;
   (3)   An electric distribution or transmission system in excess of fifteen kilovolts, unless the director of utilities, or designee, determines that underground installation of such distribution or transmission system is feasible and practicable. The decision of the director in such matters is final;
   (4)   When authorized by the director, or designee, poles, overhead lines and associated overhead structures crossing or entering any potion of a district from which poles, overhead lines and associated overhead structures have been prohibited and originating in an area in which poles, overhead lines and associated overhead structures are not prohibited;
   (5)   Overhead lines attached to the exterior surface of a building by means of a bracket or other fixture and extending from one location on the building to another location on the same building or to an adjacent building without crossing any public street;
   (6)   Radio antenna and associated equipment and supporting structures used for furnishing communications services;
   (7)   Changes in or additions of aerial drop lines and anchors or the addition or replacement of lines and cables on poles in place on July 1, 1965; or
   (8)   Service terminals, in pedestals, in above ground locations, used to distribute communications service in underground systems.
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