2.28.180   System of accounts.
   In accordance with Article III, Section 12 and Article IV, Section 12 of the Charter, the city manager shall have full charge of all accounting and billing in all departments. The form in which the budget is adopted shall be recommended by the city manager and shall determine the method to be followed in all accounting by all representatives and administrative agents of the city. The system of accounts, financial procedures and controls so established or maintained shall conform to generally accepted principles of municipal and utilities accounting and shall be in such detail as will provide for proper management of the city's resources and complete information on its financial affairs and shall be readily susceptible to audit.
   In accordance with Article VII, Section 2 of the Charter, in addition to the general fund, separate funds or accounting entities shall be maintained for each city-owned public utility. Separate funds shall also be maintained as required to comply with the direction of the Government Accounting Standards Board or any other applicable accounting standards. The system of accounts shall clearly reflect the resources, obligations, reserves and unappropriated balance of each fund.
(Ord. 4274 § 2 (part), 1995)