2.28.080   Amendments after adoption.
   During the fiscal year, the city manager shall amend the budgetary accounts of the city to reflect the following:
   (a)   Additional Appropriations. By a two-thirds vote, the council may make additional appropriations of receipts that are in excess of the total estimated receipts and appropriations contained in the adopted budget.
   (b)   Additional Positions. By a majority vote, the council may add positions to the table of organization.
   (c)   Transfer of Appropriations.
   (1)   By a majority vote, the council may transfer part or all of the unencumbered balance of any appropriation from one fund, department, office, or capital project to another;
   (2)   By written authorization, the city manager may direct the redistribution, within any department or office, of the unencumbered balance of appropriations within the departments or offices, provided that he or she shall not make transfers from the classification of utilities purchased for resale to any other object or make transfers between funds or transfers between departments without the affirmative vote of a majority of the council;
   (3)   By written authorization, the city manager may authorize a transfer of appropriation from the unallocated balance of the contingent account to any department, office or capital project. Funds shall not be transferred between the general fund and the enterprise funds, nor between operating and capital funds.
   (d)   Transfer of Positions. By written authorization, the city manager may transfer positions or assign personnel from any department or office under the control of the city manager to another in accordance with Article IV, Section 6(n) of the Charter.
   (e)   Inter-fund Transactions. In the event that appropriations and equivalent offsetting credits for allocated inter-fund services or transfers are affected by amendments to appropriations for direct expenditures or estimated revenue, the city manager may make corresponding adjustments to the inter-fund accounts so affected.
   (f)   Salaries and Benefits. Amendments to the Employee Classification and Compensation Plan adopted by the council pursuant to Article III, Sections 12, 18, and 21 of the Charter.
   (g)   Prior year Encumbrances. Appropriations that were encumbered by properly executed, but uncompleted, purchase orders or contracts at the close of the previous fiscal year may be carried forward and incorporated with appropriations of the current year.
   (h)   Municipal Fee Schedule. By a majority vote, the council may, by ordinance, add or change fees in the municipal fee schedule.
(Ord. 5360 § 1, 2015: Ord. 4274 § 2 (part), 1995)