2.28.110   Expenditures and disbursements.
   (a)   In accordance with Article III, Section 12 of the Charter, all expenditures made on behalf of the city directly or through any agency, except those required to be made by state law, must be made in accordance with the authorization contained in the appropriation ordinance and amendments thereto.
   (b)   No purchase or commitment therefor shall be made without the approval of the city manager as provided in Article IV, Section 6 of the Charter.
   (c)   No disbursement of city moneys shall be made except by warrant or check drawn on the city treasury and signed by the city manager or director of administrative services, except that the city manager or designee may approve in advance by voucher purchases from petty cash and the purchase of investment securities from banks by direct charge to the city's account.
   (d)   No disbursement of city moneys shall be made unless the obligation is supported by accounting evidence in proper form as required by the city manager and sufficient money is available. If such disbursement is from budget appropriations, there must be an adequate unencumbered balance in the fund, organization unit or project for the expenditure object described.
   (e)   No disbursement shall be made to or on account of employees for expenses incurred in the course of city business unless the municipal purpose served by such expenses is in conformity with rules and regulations established by the city manager.
   (f)   No disbursement shall be made to or on account of employees of the city for personal use or benefit except as provided in the compensation plan adopted by the council.
(Ord. 4274 § 2 (part), 1995)