General Provisions
   33.01   Investment of municipal funds
   33.02   Charge for processing bad checks
   33.03   Mileage allowance
   33.04   Capitalization policy
   33.05   Methods of payment for city service
   33.06   Methods of payment for services of the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation
   33.07   Payment of pre-approved claims
   33.08   Threshold for reporting cash and asset losses
   33.09   Economic development revolving loan program
   33.10   Guidelines for unrestricted donations
Funds and Fees
   33.20   Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund
   33.21   Fire Cumulative Building and Equipment Fund
   33.22   Fire Special Equipment Fund
   33.23   Emergency Ambulance Vehicle and Equipment Fund
   33.24   Deferred prosecution fees
   33.25   Clerk’s Record Perpetuation Fund
   33.26   Police Department Petty Cash Fund
   33.27   Police Department document reproduction fee
   33.28   Ordinance establishing fees for use of indoor firing range
   33.29   Police Department Building and Equipment Fund
   33.30   General reproduction fee
   33.31   Sidewalk Matching Fund
   33.32   City Grant Fund
   33.33   General Improvement Fund
   33.34   Non-Reverting Capital Fund for the Park and Recreation Department
   33.35   Non-Reverting Baseball Diamond Fund
   33.36   Festival Fund for the Park and Recreation Department
   33.37   Non-Reverting Fund for Pool Repairs and Renovations
   33.38   Non-Reverting Operating Fund For the Park and Recreation Department
   33.39   Non-Reverting Restricted Contributions Fund for Park and Recreation Department
   33.40   Promotional Fund
   33.41   Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Certification Fund
   33.42   Rainy Day Fund
   33.43   Revolving Fund
   33.44   Riverboat Revenue Sharing Fund
   33.45   Storm Water Improvement Fund
   33.46   Insurance Reserve Fund
   33.47   Cumulative Capital Development Fund
   33.48   Cumulative Fire Fund
   33.49   LOIT Special Distribution Fund
   33.50   Fund 74, Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Fund
   33.51   Fire Protection Territory Equipment Replacement Fund
   33.52   Police Child’s Safety and Education Fund Payments and Purchasing
   33.53   Parade Fund
   33.54   Fire Station Project Fund
   33.55   ARP Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund
Payments and Purchasing
   33.65   Payment of membership dues to organizations
   33.66   Payment of claims in advance of Board allowance
   33.67   City purchasing