(A)   Creation of Fund.
      (1)   There is hereby re-established for the city a Cumulative Building and Equipment Fund.
      (2)   The shall be levied as additional tax at the rate of $0.0333 cents on each $100 of taxable property in the city. Said tax rate will be levied beginning with taxes for 2015 payable 2016 for said Fund.
      (3)   Notice of the determination to establish said Cumulative Building and Equipment Fund be given as provided by law and that all acts of the Common Council be certified thereafter to the Department of Local Government Finance of the state for further action.
(Prior Code, § 33.10)
   (B)   Purpose of Fund. The purpose of the Fire Cumulative Building and Equipment Fund is to provide moneys for the acquisition of real estate, the erection of fire stations, the erection of additions to and the remodeling of the present buildings used to house firefighting equipment, and for the purchase of firefighting equipment and police radio equipment.
(Prior Code, § 33.11)
(Ord. G-6-67, passed 4-11-1978; Ord. G-4-73, passed 6-12-1973; Ord. G-90-28, passed 1-8-1991; Ord. G-93-9, passed 7-27-1993; Ord. G-05-05, passed 5-24-2005; Ord. G-05-08, passed 8-23-2005; Ord. G-09-05, passed 3-10-2009; Ord. G-12-10, passed 7-24-2012; Ord. G-15-01, passed 2-10-2015; Ord. G-16-10, passed 12-27-2016)