(A)   Creation of Fund. There is hereby established for the city a General Improvement Fund pursuant to and in accordance with I.C. 36-9-17.
(Prior Code, § 33.60)
   (B)   Purpose of Fund. Subject to approval of the Board of Public Works of the city, the purpose of the General Improvement Fund is to provide curb and gutter work, and related improvements.
(Prior Code, § 33.61)
   (C)   Appropriations to Fund. The General Improvement Fund shall consist of an appropriation made from the General Fund of the city in the amount of $150,000. Said appropriation shall be from the COIT Fund in the existing General Fund budget.
(Prior Code, § 33.62)
(Ord. G-92-9, passed 7-28-1992; Ord. G-18-9, passed 6-12-2018)