(A)   There is hereby established a fund of the city designated as the “Hartzell Road Fire Station Project Fund (the “Fund”). Upon receipt from the county, all or a portion of the county funds shall be deposited into the Fund and used for the payment of all costs of all or any portion of the Fire Station Project, including the payment of any related or incidental expenses.
   (B)   The county funds, in an amount not to exceed $840,000, together with all investment earnings thereon, deposited into the Fund are hereby appropriated for the purpose of paying the costs of the Fire Station Project. Such appropriation shall be in addition to all appropriations provided for in the existing budget and shall continue in effect until the completion of the Project.
   (C)   Any member of the Council, the Mayor, the City Clerk-Treasurer, and the counsel to the Council are hereby authorized, empowered and directed, on behalf of the city to take any other action as such individual deems necessary or desirable to effectuate the foregoing, including the filing of a report of this appropriation with the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance and the execution of an agreement with a financial institution to hold and administer the Fund, and any actions heretofore made or taken be, and hereby are, ratified and approved.
(Ord. G-21-08, passed 4-6-2021)