Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia, 1891, Chapter 48.
Sec. 1.   Town of New Cumberland, Corporate Powers.
Sec. 2.   Boundaries.
Sec. 3.   Officers.
Sec. 4.   Elections.
Sec. 5.   Terms of Office.
Sec. 6.   Oath of Office.
Sec. 7.   Appointed Officers, Duties, Bonds, Etc.
Sec. 8.   Boundaries of Wards.
Sec. 9.   Of the Council, Its General Powers.
Sec. 10.   Ordinance Inflicting Fines and Penalties.
Sec. 11.   Removal, Vacancies, Etc.
Sec. 12.   Meetings of Council, Transaction of Business.
Sec. 13.   Second Vote on Ordinances, Etc.
Sec. 14.   Records.
Sec. 15.   The Minutes, Yeas and Nays.
Sec. 16.   Of the Mayor’s Salary.
Sec. 17.   General Powers and Duties of the Mayor.
Sec. 18.   Providing for the Violation of Certain Ordinances.
Sec. 19.   Enforcement of Judgment.
Sec. 20.   Duty of Jailor--Jail Expenses.
Sec. 21.   Docket.
Sec. 22.   Appeal from Judgment in Town Cases.
Sec. 23.   Trial in Court.
Sec. 24.   Appeals in Other Cases.
Sec. 25.   Bond of Sergeant--Collection of Taxes, Etc.
Sec. 26.   Arrest Upon View--Service of Process--Liability of Sergeant.
Sec. 27.   Settlement by the Sergeant--Compensation--Payments on Orders.
Sec. 28.   Remedy Against the Sergeant.
Sec. 29.   Deputy Sergeants.
Sec. 30.   Of the Assessor.
Sec. 31.   Street Commissioner.
Sec. 32.   Finances and Expenses.
Sec. 33.   Lien for Taxes, Fines, Etc.
Sec. 34.   Town Licenses.
Sec. 35.   The Time for Which License Shall Be Granted.
Sec. 36.   Condemnation Proceedings.
Sec. 37.   Work Upon Streets.
Sec. 38.   Pavements.
   Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia, 1891, Chapter 48.
   An act to amend, consolidate and reenact Chapter 174 of the Acts of the Legislature of 1879, providing for the incorporation of the Town of New Cumberland, and to extend and define the corporate limits of said Town.
               Passed February 28, 1891.
   Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That Chapter one hundred and seventy-four of the Acts of 1872, and Chapter 34 of the Acts of 1879. are hereby amended, reduced into one, and re-enacted so that they shall read and be as follows.