Council shall have authority to require a Town license, as follows:  for anything to be done, carried on, exhibited within the Town for which a State license is now,  or may hereafter be required, for the keeping of hacks, carriages,  carts, wagons and other vehicles for hire within the Town, and for the keeping of dogs within the Town; and the Council may provide for the killing of all dogs, the keeping of which is now so licensed.  Upon all such licenses, the Council may impose a reasonable tax for the use of the Town, when any license is granted by the Council for the sale of spiritous liquors, wine, porter, ale or beer, and drinks of like nature, it shall take from the person as licensed, a bond with approved security, in a penalty of not less than three thousand and five hundred dollars, payable to the State of West Virginia, and conditioned as prescribed in section twenty-two of Chapter thirty-two of the Code of West Virginia. The Council may provide for the punishment of such persons for the violation of any of the conditions of the said bond, and suit may be brought and maintained against such person and his sureties on such bond, for the same object, by the same person, in the same manner, and with like effect, as upon a bond taken under section mentioned; and also for any fines and costs that may be imposed by the Mayer for any offense against the Town under its ordinances, involving a breach of the conditions of such bond.  But no such license shall be granted unless the consent of the County Court shall first be obtained therefor;  and such license shall be of uniform tax, at the rate of not less than five hundred dollars, and not more than nine hundred dollars in each instance, for each year. The Council may revoke any such license for a breach of any of the conditions of such bond, or for any good causes shown; but the person holding the license must first have reasonable notice of the time and place of hearing and adjudication of the matter as well as the cause alleged; and he shall be entitled to be heard, in person or by counsel, in opposition to such revocation. The Council may prescribe by ordinance, the manner in which licenses of all kinds shall be applied for and granted, and it may require the payment of the tax thereon before the delivery to the person applying therefor.