The Mayor shall be chief executive officer of the Town, and shall take care that the orders, by-laws, ordinances and resolutions of the Council thereof, are faithfully executed. He shall be ex-officio a Justice and conservator of the peace within said Town, and shall within the same have,  possess and may exercise all the powers and perform all the duties whether in civil or criminal  proceedings, vested by law in a Justice of the Peace. Any summons, warrant, or other process, issued by him may be executed at any place within the County. He shall have control of the police officers and shall appoint special policemen whenever he deems it necessary; and it shall be his duty specially to see that the peace and good order of the Town are preserved, and persons and property therein are protected, and to this end he may arrest and detain, or cause the arrest and detention of all riotous and disorderly persons before taking other proceedings in the case. He shall from time to time recommend to the Council, such measures as he may deem needful for the welfare of the Town.  He shall not receive any money due or belonging to the State, or to  corporation or to individuals, unless and until he shall have given the bond and security required of a Justice of the Peace by Chapter 50 of the Code of West Virginia; and all of the provisions of said chapter relating to monies received by him in like cases.