In case of violation of any ordinance of said Town is committed in the presence, or within the view of the Sergeant, or other police officer, the offender may be forthwith apprehended and taken before the Mayor and a complaint under oath, stating such violation, then alleged and filed; and thereupon such offender may be tried and dealt with according to law, without summons. The Sergeant shall execute, within the County of Hancock, any proper process issued by the Mayor in proceedings for the enforcement of ordinances; and shall collect, by levy of execution or otherwise, and duly account for all fines assessed and the costs imposed in such proceedings. He shall also have all of the rights and powers within said Town in regard to the arrest of persons, the collection of claims and the execution and return of process, that are or may be lawfully  executed by a Constable of a district within the same, and shall be entitled to the compensation therefor; and he and his sureties shall be liable to all the fines, penalties and forfeitures that a Constable is liable to for any dereliction of duty in office, to be recovered in the same manner and in the same Court that such fine, penalties and forfeitures are recovered against Constables.