The Sergeant before entering on the discharge of his duties, shall execute a bond conditioned for the faithful performance by him of the duties of his office, and for the accounting  for and paying over, as required by law, all money which comes into his hands by virtue of his office, with surety satisfactory to the Council, payable to the Town of New Cumberland, and in a penalty of not less than one thousand and not more than five thousand dollars, as the Council may prescribe. He shall be chargeable with the Town taxes and levies and it shall be his duty to collect and account for the same, and he may distrain therefor in case they are not paid within one month after they are placed in his hands and notice thereof given for two weeks by publication in one or more newspapers published in said Town; or by posting at one or more public places in each ward; and as to such distraint and any sale thereunder, as well as in other respects, he shall have the same power and authority possessed by the officer charged with the collection of State taxes, upon all Town taxes, whether real or personal estate, not collected before the first day of January, after they are due and payable, he shall charge and collect and account for interest at the rate of one per cent per month until they are fully paid. He shall also be chargeable with and shall collect and account for all the assessments made by the Council, and all fines and costs and rates due to the Town.