The process and proceedings to enforce any ordinance, prescribing a fine or imprisonment or a fine and imprisonment for violation thereof, shall be a summons in the name of the Town of New Cumberland, as plaintiff, directed to the Sergeant or any Constable of any district within said Town,  requiring the person accused of such violence or violation, and who may thereafter be designated as defendant, to appear before the Mayor, at any time and place therein named, to make answer to such accusation, and to be dealt with according to law. Such summons shall contain such statement of the facts alleged as will inform the person of the general nature of the offense against the Town with which he stands charged, and except in cases of arrest on view, shall be issued only on the complaint, on oath of some creditable persons. But the Mayor may, by good cause appearing, by an endorsement on the summons, order the person so accused to be forthwith apprehended and brought before him for hearing of the charge. The Clerk of the said Town as well as the Mayor, shall have authority to receive any complaint in writing of the violation of an ordinance, and to sign and issue a proper summons based on such complaint. The Mayor shall have, possess and exercise the power and authority belonging to a Justice, under Sections two hundred and twenty-four and two hundred and twenty-five of Chapter fifty of the Code of West Virginia, in summoning and enforcing the attendance and examination in punishing for contempt, in granting continuances and in securing the further attendance of the accused, with the view to a trial or hearing. If any recognizance be taken for such further attendance and is forfeited, the Mayor shall record the default and an action may be maintained, in the name of the Town, before the Mayor or any Justice having jurisdiction, against the accused and his sureties if any, to recover the penalty thereof.