The officers of said Town shall be Mayor, Recorder, and three Councilmen from each ward, a Sergeant, and Street Commissioner. The Mayor and Recorder shall be elected by the qualified voters of the Town, and the Councilmen by the qualified voters of the respective wards, and together shall constitute the Common Council of said Town. The other officers of this section shall be appointed by Council, but offices of Mayor, Sergeant, and Street Commissioner shall not be incompatible, neither shall the offices of Recorder, Street Commissioner, Sergeant, and policemen be incompatible, and all the appointive offices insofar as is possible may be held in whole or  in part by the Mayor or the Recorder or either by the Mayor and the Recorder, and such consolidation of offices shall not be deemed incompatible. No person shall be eligible to any elective office unless he is a legal voter and was for the preceding year assessed with and paid taxes upon at least one hundred dollars worth of real or personal property therein.