The Council of said Town shall have the power to layoff, vacate, close, open, alter, grade and keep in good repair and free from obstructions the roads, streets, alleys, pavements, sidewalks, crosswalks, drains, sewers and gutters therein for the use of citizens of the public; to improve and light the streets, alleys, buildings, and grounds of said Town; to regulate the width of pavements and sidewalks on the streets and alleys, and to order the pavement, sidewalk, footways, drains and gutters to be kept in order, free and clean by the owners or occupants of the property (real) next adjacent thereto; to establish and regulate markets, prescribe the time of holding the same; provide suitable and convenient buildings therefor, and prevent the forestalling and regranting of such markets; to prevent injury or annoyance to the public or individuals from anything dangerous, offensive, or unwholesome; to prohibit or regulate slaughterhouses, tan houses, or soap factories within the Town limits; or the exercise of any unhealthy or offensive business, trade, or employment; to abate all nuisances within the Town limits, or to require or compel the abatement or removal thereof, by or at the expense of the person causing the same, or by or at the expense of the owner of the ground on which they are placed or found; to be caused to be filled up, raised, or drained, by or at the expense of the owner any Town lot or tract of land covered or subject to be covered by stagnant water; to prevent horses, hogs, cattle, sheep, or other animals and fowl of all kinds from going or being at large in said Town; and as one means of prevention, to provide for impounding and confining such animals and fowl, and for failure to reclaim, for the sale thereof; to protect places of divine worship, and to preserve order in and about the premises where and when such worship is held; to regulate the keeping of gun powder and other inflammable and dangerous substances; to provide for the regular building of houses or other structures, and for the making and maintaining of division fences by the owners of adjoining  premises, and for the proper drainage of Town lots or other parcels of land, by or at the expense of the owner thereof; to provide against danger or damage by fire; to punish for assault and battery; to prevent loitering in or visiting houses of ill-fame, or loitering in saloons or on the streets, to prevent lewd or lascivious conduct, the sale or exhibition of indecent  pictures, or other representations, to prevent and punish for gambling, the desecration of the Sabbath Day, profane swearing; to prevent the illegal sale of intoxicating liquors, drinks, mixtures and preparations, and to provide the penalties of such cases; to protect the persons of those residing within the Town; to appoint when necessary or advisable a police force, permanent or temporary to assist the Sergeant in the discharge of his duties; to build or purchase, or lease and use a suitable place of imprisonment within or near the said Town, for the safekeeping or punishment of persons charged with or convicted of the violation of ordinances; to erect or authorize, or prohibit the erection of electric, gas or waterworks within the Town limits to prevent injury to such works or the pollution of any water or gas used, or intended to be used by the public or by  individuals; to provide for and regulate the weighing or measuring hay, coal, and lumber, and other articles sold, or kept for sale within the said Town; to establish, construct, alter, remove and repair landings, wharves, and docks, and to establish and collect rates and charges for the use thereof; to regulate the running and speed of cars, automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles within the said Town; to create by ordinance such committees or boards and delegate such authority thereto as may be deemed necessary or advisable; to provide for the annual assessment of the  property therein and for a revenue expense; and generally to take such measures as may be advisable or necessary to protect the property, both public and private within the Town; to preserve and maintain the peace, quiet and good order therein, and preserve the health, safety and comfort and well being of the inhabitants thereof.